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About Us: :

Warner Bayless Incorporated

At Warner Bayless, Inc. our goal is to bring you the best language vocabulary/flash cards that money can buy. This means flash cards that are more than mere words. An ancient Chinese proverb suggests that "a picture is worth a thousand words." We couldn't agree more!

The human memory works best when associations are incorporated. Pic-cards (picture cards) are based upon this simple yet effective concept. Each card of all original art illustrates humorous, word picture associations. Pic-cards were developed to help all reading ages of language students acquire a basic working vocabulary in a fast, fun, effective way. We believe you learn best when having fun!

You can choose words to study for upcoming chapters or lessons, or choose words according to your needs or interest, or simply choose them at random.

Pic-cards are ideal for individuals of all ages - students, teachers, business people, travelers, librarians and school systems who are looking for new creative ways to enliven their language skills or classes. Pic-cards should be your first choice for self learning when direct instruction is not available. For those who have already studied the language and want a quick way to review or refresh their basic vocabulary, Pic-cards are the perfect choice. No prior knowledge of the language is required.

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Pic-Cards Are Proudly Made In America.

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