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FAQ Page 1:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are Pic-cards different from ordinary flashcards? Compared to ordinary flashcards which usually have a vocabulary word on one side and a meaning of the word on the other, Pic-cards are total memory system.

  • Each card has an easy phonetic pronuciation, so you know how to pronounce each word.
  • Each card has all original art which illustrates humorous word picture associations. The human memory works best when associations are incorporated and Pic-cards allow the user to have fun while learning each word.
  • The use of a vocabulary word and the meaning of that word in each sentence with a corresponding picture locks the meaning into the mind.

2. Can Pic-cards be used with a texbook, tape or CD? Yes, Pic-cards make an excellent learning tool to accompany any book, tape or CD you may already have. Or, Pic-cards can be used alone for self learning.

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